DTAB Customs C1 Corvette Restomod
for SEMA 2022

The Allure of the C1 Corvette Restomod

The Chevrolet Corvette has long been the epitome of American sports car excellence, and the C1 models, produced from 1953 to 1962, stand as iconic symbols of automotive design and innovation. In a bold venture blending tradition with modern engineering, DTAB Customs in Oklahoma undertook a remarkable project: to build a custom C1 Corvette restomod for the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas. This 1954 Corvette was not just any restoration; it was a labor of love and engineering prowess, completed in just 76 days, transforming it into a masterpiece of modern performance wrapped in classic allure.

The SEMA Build Custom Corvette Idea

Oklahoma’s DTAB Customs has carved a niche for itself in the custom car world over the years, known for theirĀ  dedication to quality and detail. The vision for this 1954 C1 Corvette body that the owner found in a barn was clear: seamlessly blend the vehicle’s timeless design with cutting-edge performance and luxury. The Corvette’s body was meticulously modified by hand to incorporate 1956 Corvette body lines, including the iconic coves that the vintage corvettes are known for, creating a visual bridge between generations.

Design and Bodywork

The craftsmanship of DTAB Customs shines through in the custom molded bodywork. By integrating the 1956 Corvette’s design elements, the team paid homage to the Corvette lineage while pushing the envelope of customization. The classic Corvette coves, now a hallmark of the brand’s design language, were carefully incorporated, enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and historical significance.

Chassis and Suspension

Custom 1954 C1 Corvette for Spyder Auto at SEMA ShowAt the heart of the restomod’s performance capabilities lies the Phat Phabz Air Ride Body Dropped Chassis, controlled by Airlift. This state-of-the-art suspension system allows the car’s frame to sit on the ground when aired out, not only providing a dramatic stance but also offering unparalleled ride quality and handling.

Powering this beast is an LSA Supercharged 6.2 Motor, a testament to modern engineering excellence. The inclusion of an LSX Supercharger Lid with an LSA adapter plate, courtesy of Synergy Motorsports, ensures that this Corvette not only looks the part but can also deliver heart-pounding performance. The custom hood window offers a glimpse into the heart of the beast, a nod to both aesthetics and engineering prowess.

The restomod’s performance is further enhanced by a Northern Radiator cooling system, ensuring that the supercharged engine operates at optimal temperatures. This is crucial for maintaining the vehicle’s performance during high-speed runs and adds to the reliability of the restomod.

No custom car is complete without a set of bespoke wheels, and DTAB Customs chose Schotts wheels for their blend of style and performance. These wheels not only complement the vehicle’s aesthetic but also contribute to its handling and ride quality, proving that beauty and function can coexist.

The seamless tanks for the air ride suspension underscore the attention to detail that went into this project. Air ride systems offer adjustable ride height and damping, allowing for a customizable driving experience that is both comfortable and performance-oriented.

The interior of the Corvette was hand-built by Sound Depth, featuring custom finishes and materials that elevate the cabin to a level of luxury befitting this unique restomod. Every detail, from the stitching on the seats to the layout of the dashboard, was meticulously planned and executed to create an interior space that is both functional and visually stunning.

Custom 1954 C1 Corvette for Spyder Auto at SEMA Show

Showcasing At SEMA in Las Vegas

The culmination of DTAB Customs’ efforts was showcased at the Spyder Auto booth in SEMA’s central hall, where the Corvette received widespread acclaim. SEMA, known for featuring the best of the best in the automotive world, provided the perfect platform to showcase the craftsmanship, innovation, and passion that went into this project.

The C1 Corvette restomod’s journey didn’t end at SEMA. It has gone on to win awards at car shows across the United States, including the prestigious GoodGuys event at Texas Motor Speedway. These accolades serve as a testament to the vehicle’s design, performance, and overall excellence.